Red Ribbon Week

Each fall during Red Ribbon Week, communities unite to educate children about the harmful effects of drugs and to show them the benefits of a drug-free lifestyle.  Memorable activities and lessons will fill our week at school.  With more than 100,000 schools and organizations taking part, Red Ribbon Week is the largest anti-drug event in the United States.

The inspiration for this special occasion was the 1985 murder of Enrique Camarena, a Drug Enforcement Administration special agent on assignment investigating drug trafficking in Mexico.  To honor him, drug prevention programs called Camarena Clubs were started.  People wore red ribbons to show their support.  This eventually turned into Red Ribbon Week, which was officially proclaimed by Congress in 1988.

Below is a brief overview of the activities at our school that week.  If you have any suggestions please contact me (304-647-6477).  I will be working with each classroom this week on Drug Awareness.

                                                                                    Terri Hall, School Counselor

Mon. 10/24:    Run Away From Drugs! Wear sweats/workout gear

*Essay Contest (grades 1-5):  Topic prompt:

The activities I can do instead of drugs…”

 (limit to one page, name on back, due by Friday the 28th before noon)

            1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes for each grade level and participation prizes!


Tues.10/25:     Drugs Are Crazy Bad!  Wear crazy hair


Wed. 10/26:    Don’t Get Tied Down With Drugs!  Wear something tie-dyed

Thurs. 10/27:  Hats Off to Being Drug Free!  Wear a hat to school

Fri. 10/28:       Follow Your Dreams…Don’t Do Drugs!  Wear pajamas

*Essay winners will be announced by Monday, Oct. 31st and prizes will be distributed.    

Please remember:

  1. Never take medicine by yourself!
  2. Do not get into a vehicle with someone who has been drinking alcohol!
  3. Do not get near a person smoking tobacco…you do not want to breathe it in!