Stay Informed About School Closings & Delays

Stay Informed About GCS School Closings & Delays

Inclement weather or other school closures, delays, or early dismissal announcements are made via text messages, push notifications, Live Feed, Facebook, and local radio and television outlets. If the decision to close is made by 9 p.m. the evening before, a call will be generated. Please note that phone calls are not made in the early morning hours, so checking for texts, emails, Live Feed, push notifications, television, and radio announcements is important.

Be sure to access our Live Feed and sign up for push notifications through the GCS Mobile App. Google Play (Android) and the

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CLOSED - Students and staff do not report to school. Accrued instructional time will be applied, and the first five full-day inclement weather days will be closures. Remote learning days will be implemented beginning on Day 6.

DELAYED - Students and staff report on a 2-Hour or 3-Hour Delay schedule.

EARLY RELEASE -Students will be released from school early as notified -- 1, 2, or 3 hours early.  
REMOTE LEARNING DAY -Students complete work at home as assigned by their respective schools. Staff report unless
otherwise notified by their principal.

You may also register to receive automated email notifications from the Department of Education (WVDE) at the website at

School Closings / Delays / Dismissals School Closings and Delays. PLEASE NOTE: Announcements are posted by County Board Offices. Please contact your County Board office if you have questions about posted or missing announcements.; County Offices assume any and all risks associated with relying upon the accuracy and timeliness of the information presented.