Read Across America Week

Read Across America Week is approaching! We will be celebrating it February
27th - March 3rd. Each day Mrs. Bennett and Mr. Lilly will announce “DEAR”
at 2:15. At this point, everyone, including all staff, will “Drop Everything and
Read” until 2:30. Each day will have a different theme to show how excited we
are about reading. :)
★ Monday (2/27) - “Read like a Runner”
○ What to wear - Dress like a runner in athletic attire
○ How to read - Sip on your water bottle as you read
★ Tuesday (2/28) - “Read like a Cowboy”
○ What to wear - Dress like a cowboy or cowgirl
○ How to read - Turn you chair around and straddle it like you are
riding a horse
★ Wednesday (3/1) - “Read like a Boss”
○ What to wear - Wear your best business attire
○ How to read - Put your feet up on your desk… You’re the boss!
★ Thursday (3/2) - “Read like a Caveman”
○ What to wear - Wear any animal print to show we are “Wild about
○ How to read - Sit under your desk, like you are in a cave
★ Friday (3/3) - “Read in the Dark”
○ What to wear - Wear your PJ’s and bring a flashlight and a blanket
○ How to read - Your teacher will turn out the lights, so that you can
use your flashlight to read in the dark!